Space-Comm Expo Case Study

Space-Comm Expo


How we’re growing a LinkedIn community to market Space-Comm Expo

Space-Comm Expo is a hub exhibitions event focused on the commercialisation of space for business, defence and aerospace. One of the reasons it exists is because it’s an underrepresented industry despite the fact that many of everyday technologies rely heavily on space.


The space industry in the UK remains largely untapped. Successfully launching an event of this kind will put hub exhibitions on the map and provide the company with some much needed recognition.

Hub exhibitions approached us to help them access top professionals in the space industry, including thought leaders, influencers and decision makers, for the purposes of hosting a credible event.


With Space-Comm Expo scheduled for May 2021, a community was an excellent strategy to attract and influence their target audience, which are high level individuals in their various fields of work, a cream of the crop. We created an environment where these decision-makers can network, even beyond the platform we invited them to.

Since the event is still quite a way off, the priority for the first few months has been on growth and engagement to establish relationships with as many suitable members as possible. As the event draws nearer, we’ll leverage these relationships to generate registrations.







Growth Success

Our growth KPI for this community was 100 members per month, which we overshot by 89%. On average, we grew the community by 189 members. Over and above this, we kept engagement levels high to ensure that when the time comes to ask them to take an action like completing a survey or registering for an event they’re already primed.

With these community management tactics at play, sky’s the limit for Space Comm.

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