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How we used geofencing on Facebook to get 672 event registrations at a $0.87 CPR Case Study

Geofencing on Facebook


How we used geofencing on Facebook to get 672 event registrations at a $0.87 CPR

Geo-fencing is a smart little Facebook targeting tool that allows you to draw a boundary around a very specific area📍Only the people who enter this boundary will see your ads👀

Sure, it means you can find where your perfect buyers hang out and serve them your custom-made ads. But it takes real finesse to get breathtaking results.


Chiggen put it perfectly in this Discord thread: “you might play around with geofencing, but you need to be creative my guy🙂”

With Africa’s largest general aviation trade show, AERO, just a month away, we wanted to use our last bit of ad budget to convert South Africa’s most fanatical General Aviation enthusiasts.

It was a risk that paid off. Here’s how (and why) we did it.



The plot goes like this: virtually fence off a 1km radius around all South African airports/airstrips where all private aviation operators, owners, and repair specialists work or land their aircraft.

We also fenced off a 1-2 km radius around the area of a competing event over the 2 days it took place. That’s where Africa’s passionate aviation fans would be hanging out with a beer, scrolling through Facebook and clicking on our ads🍺

With this strategy, there was no stone left unturned – we fenced off the country’s biggest hubs for aviation lovers without wasting a cent of ad budget on irrelevant prospects.

Since aviation is all about the experience – the adrenaline rush – we wanted to test Facebook video ads that show (don’t tell) the audience what a breathtaking event AERO will be. We tested these against classic single image ads and felt pretty certain that the video ads would beat the single image ads by a mile🏃

The Results

We went from a blank page to 8 A/B tested ads, 672 ‘perfect fit’ event registrations and an epic $0.87 CPR in just one month!

Check out the rest of the data in a screenshot from our dashboard below.

P.S. The single image ads won over the video ads in terms of clicks and conversions. Our hypothesis was disproved – another humbling day in B2B marketing😌