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In 2018, Ertico – ITS in Europe came to us for help on a social campaign for the ITS World Congress event in Copenhagen.
Fast forward 5 years and we’re still working with them. The longevity of the relationship is something we pride ourselves on. But what did 2022 hold for the partnership? The story goes something a little like this 👇

So the 14th ITS European Congress was coming up in Toulouse, France, the city deemed the leader in aeronautics. The team joined forces with We Market Events to get those registration numbers sky high ✈


Great, sounds pretty straightforward, right? Wrong. Our target audience was made up of personas from 3 different sectors: the private, government and academic sectors.

These are some pretty high-level professionals. They’re the type who don’t spend plenty of time on social media platforms — they’ve got people to meet, deals to make, and places to go. Knowing we had a tight window to get our message across, how do we optimise our paid Facebook and Google Search campaigns to ensure they hear about the event?

A creative refresh on Facebook to stay top of mind? We tried that — twice, but we still struggled to gain traction.



Yup, we needed to pivot. We needed a game plan for our Facebook ads and as you can see from the example below, our Google Search ads were soaring.

To change the plot of our story we need 3 key ingredients

  • A new retargeting strategy
  • Video creatives
  • Long-form copy

The hero being the retargeting strategy. We decided to stop playing it safe and expand the targeting beyond the retargeting audience to include interests and lookalike audiences and… PLOT TWIST, it worked! 

Why video? As WARC notes in their annual ad spend forecast, global ad spend is set to grow by 8.3% this year to a total of $880.9bn. Of all the categories marketers are spending on, online video  is the fastest growing at 46% YoY. Add long-form copy to the mix and you’ve got a killer creative strategy. Saying less doesn’t always work with an audience with a low awareness level — longer-form copy works harder to convince them that the event is worth their money and time.


The paid media campaign generated 21.03% of all traffic to the ITS European Congress website from the start of the campaign, as well as generating a whopping €1 279 415 in revenue 💸 A massive win for the team. We look forward to our next campaign with Ertico – ITS Europe.

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