How social media smashed email marketing for traffic and registrations for the
Fintech Scotland conference

The Fintech Scotland 2016 Conference explores technological innovation across the financial services sector, providing a unique forum for innovators, technologists and senior managers to share, discuss and expand their networks across the financial services industry in Scotland.
Ray Bugg, Director of Scot-Tech and the organizer of Fintech Scotland 2016, reached out to us for help in promoting the event:

“We Market Events’s Personalized Social Sharing Solution seemed very viable for us and provided an opportunity to garner more data and communicate our message in a multi-channel fashion”

Sharing is caring

Using our social sharing solution, we ran a campaign of 1500 shares and targeted these to top Fintech professionals in the United Kingdom.

The result was a click-through rate of 8% by day 3 of the campaign. We weren’t happy with the result, as we regularly achieve a CTR of 10-20% for similar campaigns. It was time to re-calibrate.

Re-calibration is key

After reviewing reasons for this under performance (namely geographical distance and political complications between Scotland and the UK), we filtered down our targeted audience to focus primarily on locations defined as financial hubs within Scotland. More than half of the world’s top 20 financial organisations have operations in Scotland, with a substantial majority of Financial Services operations located in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow.

With this knowledge in mind, we launched a second share campaign of 550 new targets, who were located within these regions. This re-targeting resulted in a 22.5% click-through rate. The re-calibration proved to be far more successful, carrying the previously low click-through rate up to a generous 14.24%, overall.

Ray Bugg – Founder of Fintech 2016 further stated:
“Being a regular user of LinkedIn I engaged with We Market Events given their ability to provide defined targeting of key professionals we wanted to see at our events. It’s widely known that traditional methods of marketing, namely email, may hit the target but rarely travels any further. The concept of Social Sharing seemed logical given the methods business professionals have adopted in inter industry communication.”

Key takeaways and feedback from this campaign:

  • Understanding your targeted audience and their needs is first and foremost for any share campaign to run successfully. It’s important to work closely with our clients throughout the campaign to tap into their knowledge and discuss the results of our own research and re-calibrate campaigns when necessary to achieve the optimum result.
  • There is no set it and forget it. As the campaign rolls out and evolves, it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse and be open to change. If a campaign under performs against expectations it’s time to roll up the sleeves and dig deeper.
  • Our solution complements existing methods (such as email marketing) because in its simplicity, all it requires is a LinkedIn advanced search of your targeted audience. No email list required here.
Ray added, “Certain factors (being in the school holidays and the fact we were mid campaign after an aggressive email process) cast doubt on how effective this would be. I was astounded by the traction we received, more importantly, the amount of bookings that we took over a short period, these defined professionals. As such we plan to use We Market Events on a major global event planned for 2017. Highly recommended as a disruptive marketing tool that hits the target audience in a minimally invasive and informative manner.”

Other Applications for our Social Sharing Solution

Our Social Sharing Solution has been used to very powerful effect to successfully promote a variety of events. There are however other applications for this marketing technique:

  • Content Marketing.
    Distribution of content is often overlooked in the rush to produce a content marketing piece that can stand out from the crowd. Using our Social Sharing Solution, content such as white papers, case studies and blog posts can be delivered straight to the inbox, LinkedIn profile and mobile phone of your prospects.
  • Software as a Service product offerings.
    Developers who have built the ideal software as a service offering to serve a particular market can share their product landing page, product video or case study to a selection of ideal users.

Above all, a successful share campaign is about meticulous selection and targeted efforts – and our methods get results. We love a good challenge and will continue have our fingers on the pulse to ensure that your event gets the traffic it deserves.
If you want to know more about our solution, contact us.

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