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How we generated 76 webinar registrations for F5 in just 6 days

Having acquired Shape in late 2019, F5 now has access to the company’s insight from mitigating 1 billion application attacks per day through sophisticated AI, cloud-based analytics, and anti-fraud technologies.

Together, F5 and Shape represent an end-to-end application security solution, reducing infrastructure complexity while protecting every aspect of the ‘code to customer’ journey against losses from online fraud, reputational damage, and disruptions to critical online services.


F5 and Shape Security were putting on a webinar as part of a larger lead generation campaign. The webinar functioned as both a carrot to lure in prospects and a method of educating them the benefits of Shape. F5 approached us to help them generate registrations from a North African, French-speaking audience. They already had an extensive database of partners and wanted the webinar to attract more end-users, which they could engage with as net new accounts.

An added challenge was that we only had 6 days to generate as many qualified registrations as possible.


With such a specific and clear audience in mind, we were able to run targeted Linkedin Ads to their target accounts & personas. Each advert included a strong call to action and linked to the webinar registration page.


Over the course of the 6-day campaign, we generated 78 registrations at a cost per registration of $3.40.

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