Maximise your
B2B marketing budget

with our a la carte

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Maximise your
B2B marketing budget

with our a la carte

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Maximise your
B2B marketing
with our
a la carte services.

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Our experienced strategists carefully select the best B2B marketing services from our stack to help B2B and B2B event marketers achieve their business goals.

These are our B2B marketing services, which can operate in isolation as well as for delivering our solutions.

Social Media

Since we’re called We Market Events, you can bet that we offer Social Media services. We know the value of strong relationships and Social Media is the perfect platform to establish and nurture them with your prospects, clients, end users or channel partners.

Here are some of our most popular Social Media services:

Social Media Management
Community Management
Social Selling

LinkedIn Services

LinkedIn is still the best social media platform for B2B businesses to reach their target accounts and audiences. While most B2B businesses have a presence on LinkedIn, there are only a few that use it to its full potential.

Our LinkedIn Suite of services includes:

LinkedIn Shares
LinkedIn Social Selling
LinkedIn Groups


Why do we provide an analytics service? To help you make decisions that carry superior returns. To this end, our services guide you through each phase required to arrive at actionable, decision-enabling data.

Intelligent decisions are built on a house with 3 floors:

Accurate, high resolution data
Trustworthy, meaningful representations of data
Strategic, data-driven decision making that connects impact to business returns

Digital Copywriting

They say a picture is worth a thousand words & that’s never been more true than now in the time of the Internet. Copy is an essential component of a digital marketing strategy, but every word needs to be carefully chosen to convey your message as quickly & succinctly as possible.

Things we can write for you:

Social Media Content
Paid Media Adverts
Blogs & LinkedIn Pulse Articles

Creative Design

There’s a LOT of marketing noise out there & a great design can help you cut through it to grab your audience’s attention. Our creative designers specialise in designs that are not only eye-catching, but that speak to B2B audiences.

Our creative design services include:

Digital Advert Design
Website Design
Brochure Design

Web Development

Our website development services serve to support our other services and solutions.

Some of our more common development projects include:

WordPress Landing Pages
Registration Forms
Web Forms & Surveys

Your Agile B2B Marketing Team

From community managers to paid media experts, data geeks to creatives and everything in between, our team of digital marketing professionals is eagerly awaiting their next B2B marketing challenge. Do you have one for us?