How we got 10% of trade show registrations from social media, reduced cost per registration by 57% to £11 and reduced historic no-shows by 15%

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with We Market Events on Automechanika Birmingham 2018, particularly seeing their innovative double funnel strategy in action, driving registrations and converting them into visitors. They also helped us generate social media buzz at the event to keep visitors engaged. The results they delivered were outstanding – they delivered over 1600 pre-registrations through Social Mediawhich was a 43% increase year on year!

Caroline Carr, Head of Marketing, Automechanika Birmingham


Every year, Automechanika Birmingham executes an award-winning automotive trade show that attracts exhibitors, sponsors and visitors from the UK and Europe to network and connect with like minded automotive aftermarket and supply chain professionals. For the last 2 years (2016 & 2017) we were proud to contribute towards the success of the event.

The Brief

The trade show marketing briefs we receive always include 2 points: MORE registrations and MORE visitors. Our personal goal for this campaign was to achieve 1500 registrations, which would be approximately 12.5% of their total registrations.

The Strategy

Now, as I’m sure you can imagine, generating 1500 registrations via social media channels isn’t a walk in the park, nevermind getting attendees to physically walk through the doors, so we really had to come up with an ace strategy.

Taking what we’d learned from previous years, we constructed our messaging along a purchasing funnel with defined ‘Awareness,’ ‘Consideration’ and ‘Decision’ phases.

Since our core methodology is one of agility, we took the same approach we would for any of our other projects:.


We outlined a broad strategy aimed at achieving our client’s business goals: Increasing registrations and attendance.


Our strategy remained broad and loosely defined for a very good reason: things change. We execute, test, and let the data guide our next steps. This ensures that we arrive at an ideal, optimised solution that achieves our clients’ goals.


The final key element of our strategy was the double funnel, which targeted people who registered with personalised messaging to highlight the benefits of attending and keep the event top of mind between registration and the event itself. You’d be surprised (or maybe you wouldn’t) at just how many people register but then don’t attend because it’s “a little bit chilly out”.

The Execution

We aimed to reach our goal by means of an omni-channel strategy using primarily social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
By using the total campaign budget and dividing it by the number of registrations generated, we calculate the average cost per registration at £11.43.

The Results

Even though some channels produced more registrations than others, the blended approach contributed to our success.
  • £46.51 per registration – 2016 90% 90%
  • £27.24 per registration – 2017 65% 65%
  • £11.43 per registration – 2018 30% 30%

2016 Registrations

2017 Registrations

2018 Registrations

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